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We work to develop investment mechanisms for endowments managed by the General Authority for Awqaf (GAA), diversify the investment portfolio, and develop the investment strategy, in order to enable the Company to play a pivotal role in the sector and to contribute to supporting GAA’s directions for advancing the endowment sector.


In an effort to develop endowments and raise the efficiency of their investment and the sustainability of their returns

Awqaf Investment started its work to be the investment arm of the General Authority for Awqaf (GAA), as a closed joint stock company with a capital of SAR 10 million, on 13/4/1440 A.H., corresponding to 20/12/2018 A.D.


With promising aspirations

Awqaf Investment focuses on clear strategic objectives to contribute to providing integrated investment solutions to the non-profit sector, and to develop innovative investment products that meet the needs of such sector, through our multiple branches across major cities.


Our Strategy


To be a role model in providing investment services to the non-profit sector.


To provide integrated investment solutions that meet the needs of the non-profit sector according to the highest standards and best practices, which contributes to improving the sector's returns.

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Investment Services

At Awqaf Investment, we are distinguished by our uniqueness as a company that provides specialized investment services to the non-profit sector in general and the endowment sector in particular. We provide our services in real estate and financial investment and real estate asset management, by applying the highest standards for managing the investment portfolio with high efficiency. We also provide innovative investment products to contribute to the development of the investment endowments portfolio, raise the efficiency of its management and the sustainability of its returns, meet the increasing demand, and establish distinguished relations with various relevant authorities in the local and international markets

Our specialized services include doing the following work
Endowment Real Estate Management and Marketing

Management and marketing of endowment real estate, including the holding of auctions, restoration work, management of construction projects, and operation and maintenance work.

Investment in Securities

Investing in securities, managing investment portfolios and funds, and providing advice in the field of financial investments.

Investment and Real Estate Development for Endowments

Investment and real estate development for endowments, including the provision of real estate studies and consultations.

Providing Consultancy and Studies in the Areas of Sustainability

Providing consultations and studies in the areas of sustainability and product development, and conducting research, studies and data analysis in the fields of endowments and the non-profit sector.

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