Hitham alFayez

The endowment sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has witnessed a remarkable development due to the special attention given by our wise government to this sector, including the establishment of the General Authority for Awqaf (GAA), which aims to enhance the role of endowments in the economic and social development and social solidarity, and to organize, preserve, develop, and improve endowments in order to fulfill the conditions of their endowers according to the purposes of Islamic Sharia and regulations.

Given the importance of developing endowments and raising the efficiency of their investment and the sustainability of their returns, GAA established the investment arm, Awqaf Investment, in order to develop innovative investment structures, and provide advisory and investment services that contribute to maximizing and sustaining endowment returns, in order for Awqaf Investment to be a role model in providing investment services to the non-profit sector.

Although the Company is newly established, we have continued to achieve outstanding performance by committing to applying best practices to maximize the returns of endowment asset portfolios, which contributes to supporting GAA’s directions to advance the endowment sector, as it is a key driver of economic and social development, and it is one of the most important aspects of the Saudi society and its symbiotic responsibility.

In Awqaf Investment, we believe in the importance of human capital, which is what we have worked to accomplish during the past period to attract the best human competencies who are highly experienced in their field of work. In the next phase, we look forward to reaping the returns of our investments in a number of investment projects, which will enable us to play a pivotal role that contributes to supporting GAA's directions to advance the endowment sector.