About Real Estate Asset Management

The great volume of the real estate endowment portfolio, the different sizes of the real estates, and the geographical distances between these real estates constitute a major challenge to the increasing of returns while maintaining the quality and efficiency of performance.
To this end, the Company implemented a number of procedures and capabilities to raise the quality of real estate portfolio management and achieve the highest possible returns, the most important of which are:

  • Raising the level of governance in real estate asset management, by adhering to the regulations governing the leasing, evaluation and follow-up processes throughout the life cycle of the asset.
  • Focusing on raising the level of transparency in leasing operations and offering investment opportunities.
  • Attracting the best competencies to manage and develop the real estate portfolio.
  • Developing an appropriate rental scheme according to the real estate category and market needs.
  • Applying best practices in the follow-up of collection and treatment of bad debts.
  • Developing maintenance and operation plans (preventive, annual, and urgent) for real estate, including estimated costs, in order to achieve the sustainability of the asset.
  • Preparing appropriate marketing plans for vacant real estates based on the type and category of managed real estates.